Medical Service

Medical Service

We provide healthcare employment solutions and healthcare management facility services such as setting up medical centers, on site clinics at educational campuses such as schools, universities, nurseries, and commercial organizations such as offshore & onshore companies, construction sites, production facilities or factories.


Providence medical services aspires to serve the healthcare industry with outstanding services of our manpower. Build a good reputation in the healthcare industry due to the outstanding services they have given to the clients and the longstanding relationships with partners in the industry committed to healthcare excellence. We are Providence Medical look forward to further development to ensure we maintain excellence in quality of services as one of the leading healthcare companies in the country.

Our Services

Management of Medical Facilities

Impact in the healthcare market in the UAE, it becomes a prerequisite that any hospital, clinic or healthcare business should be well positioned to compete effectively by strictly adhering to the standards and requirements set by government authorities such as Dubai Health Authority (DHA), Department of Health Abu Dhabi (DOH) and
Ministry of Health (MOH). The entire process can be extensive and complex but we are here to guide and help you achieve your goals.

Our expert team will help set up your medical facility by overseeing the entire process of getting preliminary approval until securing the permanent license.

Backed by our years of experience collaborating and helping many healthcare companies establish their own facilities, we make sure that your clinic management facility is in line with standards and is expertly guided by our consultants which means that your healthcare facility is guaranteed for success.

About The Services We Offer

Licensing Services for Healthcare Professionals

Working as a healthcare professional in UAE issued by Ministry of Health (MOH), Dubai Health Authority (DHA) or Department of health Abu Dhabi (DOH). The requirements and procedures vary depending on the healthcare profession and specialization.

Due to the complexity of the procedures, obtaining a license can be exhausting, prolonged and costly. Our team of professional and expert licensing consultants will help you through the process, guide you for the best steps to be followed, and ensure that everything is covered to help you obtain your professional license.

School Medical Services

School based healthcare clinics represent a model of care that responds to the unique physical and mental health issues of adolescents by offering care in an accessible, youth friendly environment.

Access to school healthcare clinics increases use of primary care, reduces use of emergency rooms, and results in fewer hospitalizations. Providence Medical Services specializes in providing and maintaining excellent medical service in schools. We understand that schools bear an important responsibility of ensuring the health and safety of students at institutions. Providence Medical Services ensures top notch healthcare for the students, providing dependable and highly experienced healthcare professionals to attend to the routine or emergency medical requirements of schools. It aims to promote education, focusing on the health of students and creating a healthy school environment.

Industrial Medical Service

Providence Medical Services is experienced in setting up and running site clinics on both (extremely) remote on and offshore locations. Site clinics are equipped in line with the applicable Institute of Remote Healthcare standards or according to the requirements of the client. It is a central aim of the Institute of Remote Healthcare to promote standards in remote health care and to provide a professional workspace to meet the needs of remote healthcare practitioners.

Providence Medical Services is also able to deploy doctors or (para) medics on board of vessels, jack-ups, offshore platforms and onshore (site clinics). The doctors or medics all have the relevant training, skills and experience to continuously offer the required high quality medical care.

High Quality Medical Assistance

Support ATLS (Advanced Trauma Life Support)

Resuscitation & Stabilisation of trauma patients

Hygiene Checks and Support

Emergency Response

Medical Evacuations

24/7 Top Side Medical Support

Medical Staffing

We strive to place experienced professionals in a wide range of health care positions at hospitals, nursing homes, With provide medical, you not only receive highly qualified health care professionals, but you are relived of time consuming paper work and bookkeeping. There is no concern about recruiting costs, screening, in-service education, benefits or medical insurance costs, the motivation is the need to achieve maximum efficiency at minimum cost. There is a growing trend for health care facilities throughout the United Arab Emirates to use supplemental staffing to provide the quality patient care that needed and keep cost to a minimum, we know the key to our success and your satisfaction is the quality personnel we send to work with your facility, providence medical staffing strives to recruit well qualified personnel whose education, experience and skills match your requirements.

Personal Interview

The personal interview is a crucial step in our recruitment process as it allows us to understand the candidate's personality, communication skills, and work experience. This helps us ensure we place the right people in the right positions. We conduct personal interviews with all potential staff to assess their qualifications, experience, and suitability for the position they are being considered for. This helps us ensure that we hire only the best candidates to provide high-quality healthcare services to our clients.

Health Care Professional Licensing / Certificate Verification

We recognise the significance of verifying the licensing and certification of our staff to ensure that they can provide top-quality healthcare services. Therefore, before assigning any staff, we verify all their healthcare professional licenses and certificates. This process guarantees that our clients can rely on our staff's qualifications to execute their responsibilities effectively. We thoroughly examine these documents to ensure their authenticity and currency. This practice is crucial in upholding our company's high standards and ensuring the safety of our clients. It is also necessary to meet the regulatory requirements set by the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. This approach assures our clients that they receive healthcare services from licensed and qualified professionals.

Dataflow Processing

Our company utilises dataflow processing to streamline the verification process of our staff's credentials. We work with various agencies to ensure our staff's licensing and certification documents are authentic and up-to-date. By using this process, we can ensure that our staff are fully compliant with all regulatory requirements. We process all necessary data and documents for our staff, such as educational and professional certificates, licenses, and visas. This helps to ensure that our staff are legally allowed to work in the UAE and that they have the necessary qualifications and credentials to carry out their duties.

Skill Assessment

We consider skill assessment a crucial part of our staff placement process. We believe that evaluating the skills and expertise of our staff helps us ensure that they can deliver the best services to our clients. We use various methods, such as tests and practical evaluations, to assess our staff's abilities. These assessments help us determine where our staff excel and identify areas where they may need additional training. This allows us to select the most suitable staff for the job and match their skills with the client's needs. As a result, our clients receive top-quality care, and our staff are in roles that align with their strengths. Skill assessments also enable us to provide our clients with consistent and dependable services as we can ensure that our staff meet the necessary standards.

Anti Hepatitis B Surface Antibodies Test

At Providence, the health and safety of our clients and staff are our top priority. We understand that healthcare professionals have the potential to transmit diseases to patients, which can lead to severe health risks. Therefore, we take a proactive approach to minimise this risk by conducting an anti-Hepatitis B surface antibodies test for all our staff. This test ensures that our staff are immune to the virus, reducing the risk of transmission to our clients, particularly those with compromised immune systems. By screening our staff for Hepatitis B immunity, we not only protect our clients but also safeguard the health of our staff. This practice is vital to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for our staff and ensuring that our clients receive the highest quality of care. Overall, our commitment to protecting the health and safety of everyone involved in our services is unwavering.

Medical Malpractise and Women's Compensation Insurance

We at Providence prioritise the well-being of our staff and understand the importance of providing them with the necessary protection in the workplace. To achieve this, we provide medical practice and women's compensation insurance to all our staff. This insurance policy guarantees that our staff members are covered in the event of workplace injuries or illnesses, including those that may result from accidents or occupational hazards. Additionally, it ensures that our staff can access the medical care they require to recover from their injuries or illnesses without incurring exorbitant medical expenses. This helps mitigate our clients' financial burden should a workplace accident occur. This policy also shows our clients that we value the safety and protection of our staff, and we take every measure to ensure their well-being.

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